Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weighing In on Weight

Okay, kids -- here's the official weigh-in results. After four weeks of Weight Watchers (and eating healthy and exercising) my weight is 233.9 pounds. My last recorded weight was 238.9 so I'm down five pounds. Now, I know that isn't a lot, but I feel good (aside from the nasty cold Dawson gave me), my clothes seem to fit better and I'm a little more confident about myself.

These are all amazingly good reasons to stick with it.

I've had a few days where I've decided not to record what I put in my mouth, and ultimately it's because I'm learning to listen to my body and not worry about making "mistakes" with this diet. And really, I don't know if I'm dieting so much - I'm really making a conscious decision to be healthy.

To congratulate myself on sticking to the program, I bought myself a new Yoga DVD. This is the first time I haven't rewarded myself with some sort of sugary treat.

Although, it really is difficult to NOT raid Dawson's Halloween candy. Willpower, activate!